Hello loved ones,

As our excitement settles down, we want to send one last email to all of you. We want to thank you, whether you were with us in person or were able to watch us online. You will hear from us personally, of course, but we feel like we can’t thank you guys enough! The entire day felt like a dream. Again, please check out our Instagram hashtag ( #flappilyeverafter ) and the recorded ceremony link ( https://youtu.be/Yw6bVf1bLvQ ) if you haven’t already.

We especially wanted to give proper thanks to the people who helped make it happen.
To our dream team of vendors (Merida of Events by Merida, Columbus Inn caterers, Christian of No Macarena, Danette Pascarella, and Hagley Museum), thank you so much for your patience, professionalism, and taking this journey with us.

To our fantastic baker and friend, Lynna, thank you for your beautiful, perfect cake. We’re eating it as we type this, and it’s just as good as when we had it on Saturday. It’s so heavy with your love!

To our gorgeous officiant and also friend, Maggie, thank you for the touching speech and guiding us in such a confident, capable way. We’re proud to have had you as a part of our wedding.

To our groomsmen, Vlad and Mark, thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to help make our wedding go smoothly. Ilya appreciated your calm heads and sense of humor while he tried not to cry too much.

To our bridesmaids, Agnes and Hannah, even though you had no choice (haha), thank you for working so hard to make sure your oldest sister’s and new brother-in-law’s wedding experience was wonderful. We love you so much and we look forward to returning the favor.

Finally, thank you to our parents. Words aren’t enough to describe what they did for us, but we wanted to give you a glimpse of their influences throughout the wedding. Igor and Olga, thank you so much for your wise wedding and alcohol advice and for helping us get all those leftovers home. Theodore and Miwon, thank you so much for Esther’s entire bridal ensemble and assembling all of those cutouts of Flapjack, our cat. We love you and are grateful you are in our lives.

Everyone, please have a safe rest of the year. We hope that this day was a small ray of light for you, and we expect to see you all on the other side.

Love always,

Esther and Ilya

PS We’re going to highlight the virtual guestbook again ( https://videobooth.app/rheekoyfman2020 ) because we LOVED the messages we got. If you haven’t had a chance, please leave a message!

Ceremony & Reception

“Hagley’s unique wedding venue, The Soda House, was built in 1888. Constructed of local Brandywine blue rock and set against the rolling hills of Chateau Country, there is no other venue like it in the Brandywine Valley.”

The ceremony and reception will both be held at the historic Hagley Museum’s Soda House. The venue is about a seven- to ten-minute drive from Wilmington. Parking is ample and right in front of the venue!

GPS Address:
298 Buck Road
Wilmington, DE 19807


We’ve reserved blocks at the Sheraton Suites Wilmington Downtown, a < 10-minute drive from the venue. The hotel will provide free shuttles for our guests to the venue, so please take advantage of it!

**PLEASE double-check the dates so that you don’t accidentally reserve multiple nights.**

NEW LINK! Book your room under Rhee Koyfman Wedding

GPS Address:
422 Delaware Ave
Wilmington, DE 19801

Getting to Wilmington, DE

By Bus or Train
There is an Amtrack station in downtown Wilmington for both trains and buses. Taking public transit to Philadelphia and then taking a Lyft/Uber/taxi is also an option.

By Plane
The nearest airport is the Philadelphia International Airport, a 30-minute drive to Wilmington.